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Hi out there, blog world.  As anyone starting a new blog, I have no real idea who is going to read this or why they are going to do it, but I promise to try to at least keep things interesting.

Today I am packing.  I have spent the past few weeks slowly (very, very, slowly… like hardly at all, actually) trying to pare down my belongings by throwing and giving away probably about 1/2 of my clothes, books, and other stuff.  My goal (by the end of today, basically) is to be left with only as much stuff as will fit into a plastic tub and a few backpacks in the back of my car as I pull out of the driveway on Saturday morning and head for my first summer out of Boulder.  Kind of sad that I’m 22 and have never spent a season outside of my hometown, but also kind of comforting… right?

Where am I going, you ask?  I got an internship (aka: I am working basically for free) with a company in Moab, UT called Splore.  Splore is a pretty cool organization that organizes outdoor trips like rafting, camping, rock climbing, snow shoeing, etc., for adults and kids of all abilities.  I am heading to Moab to be their “White Water Rafting Intern,” whatever that means.  I have little to no idea what I’m getting myself into, except that there apparently is a twin bed in Moab with my name on it, and that they are expecting me sometime during the day on Saturday.  Other than that… questions during my job interview ranged from things about my organizational and leadership skills to things like, “Do you know how to seal pipes?”

Since this is going to at least start as a blog about my summer, here are some goals I have for myself for the next few months.  You can let me know what you think.

1. Find a way to keep up with practicing Spanish.  I have absolutely no idea what this is going to look like, but hopefully I can figure something out.

2. Spend time daily with the intent of letting God fit Himself back into my crazy life.

3. Lose all of the white-bread-red-meat-red-wine weight that I put on from Argentina.  Being like 10 lbs over the limit for all my clothes is starting to drive me insane.

4. Read books!  This is a new pastime I have recently re-discovered after 3 and 1/2 years of being forced to read miserable works of classical literature as a literature major… now that I am out of school, I am starting to remember what it’s like to actually enjoy reading!

So I guess I am starting this blog today because it is really the beginning of my journey to Moab, and the end of a weird interim period that I’ve been in since I returned from my trip to Argentina (if you are interested in that one, you can see my Argentina blog at  Also, I am clearly procrastinating on packing, so this is another great option to go with that agenda…

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