goal updates and recipes

Ok, I am back with an update on the goals I set for myself in my last post. Also, I had a pretty good couple of weeks. It has been sunny for the most part (with a few rainy days at the end of this past week, but the sun came out again today!), and Mary (a friend from Moab who is currently living about 2 hours from here) came up and visited last Saturday, which was great. I think I have realized that it’s not that I hate the northeast – I just can’t handle being inside all the time. So, gotta figure out what to do about that when it’s freezing and raining (or snowing, as it did a little last Friday and yesterday).

ALSO! Really, really early on Tuesday morning I am leaving to spend a week in Colorado! I am ridiculously excited to be back where I belong for a few days, and to get to see lots of wonderful people and get some things in order for when I move back in December. So I have that to look forward to, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so anxious for the weekend to end.

Anyway, the complainer wristband and “elusive pull-up” goals have sort of fallen to the wayside… I couldn’t find a rubber band the day that I made that list, and needless to say I basically forgot about the complainer thing after that (but I HAVE been trying to complain less… some days it works, some days not so much). And I guess the pull-up one hasn’t completely been left out, because I have been going to the climbing gym a little bit. When I get back from CO I am planning on getting a membership at the Johnson State College gym for the remaining 6 weeks of my stay in Vermont, so that should help.

My daily yoga goal has been going really well. I do about 30-40 minutes of yoga every morning, or sometimes if I get up too late then I do it in the evening. I got a subscription to this really sweet yoga website for $10/month (which is pretty much the cost of one yoga class in a studio), and they have lots of different videos for different ability levels and different practice lengths. Pretty awesome. And I am even starting to feel just a little more limber… sort of. The daily writing goal is also going well – I have been writing some poetry, but nothing too exciting. Also, a few of my articles have been posted on Alpinist! Here are the URLs to the ones that are up so far:

September 29: Kurt Albert Dies at Age 56

October 12: Locals Fire New Line on Vallunaraju

October 22: Successful Season for Spanish Alpinistas (I wrote this article using information that was given to me completely in Spanish… it was frustrating at times but it felt really good to be able to actually use my Spanish skills!)

As for the GRE, today I spent about 5 hours making flash cards for vocab to take with me on the plane… lots of exciting words like “zenith” and “bifurcate” are now weaseling their ways into my daily vocabulary. Scary.

Lastly, I have been doing a lot of browsing on the internet for delicious-looking recipes to put into the hopper for this winter. I don’t do very much fancy cooking here because my kitchen is tiny tiny tiny (our counter space consists of about one square foot of linoleum to the left of the sink and the top of the washing machine, which sits next to the stove), but I dream of a day not-so-far-off when I will have the space to make things like Chipotle & Rosemary Alfredo and Potato-Stuffed Acorn Squash. However, for today I am “settling” (hardly) with these Peanut Butter Brownies… which are currently sitting conspicuously on top of the washing machine while I wait for the ganache to cool. Basically these brownies are just huge slabs of peanut butter chocolate chip cookie with creamy chocolate ganache frosting… Yeah, I know.

Update: the brownies are amazing. Dangerously amazing. I do wish I would have used bittersweet chocolate instead of semisweet for the ganache, though, and I added quite a bit of extra salt to the batter which I would recommend because I think it made it a lot more peanut-ey tasting.

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