things that have happened in the past 8 months

I think almost every blog in the world has a post that starts like this: Oh my God, it’s been forever since I wrote on this thing! And I have no excuse. I do have another blog that I’ve just started, if you’re interested… otherwise, here is a quick list of things I have done in the past 8 months.

1. In mid-April, I left Frisco at the end of the ski season and moved back to Moab. Being a liftie totally burned me out and I was so excited to come back to Moab and work for Splore, plus I now live with Brandon, which is great, and we also have a roommate named Neil who has a big beard and is fantastic.

2. At the beginning of May, I got a dog! I am now the proud owner (and Brandon is a great alternate-owner) of a 2-year old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix named Luna. When I adopted her from the shelter in SLC, her name was Chaos, which probably should have been a red flag but I just breezed right past that, also breezed right past the fact that I was adopting a combo of the 2 smartest (aka high maintenance) dog breeds in the world, and brought her home. After about 2 months of her being a total psycho and trying to herd things like cars and neighborhood children, I sent her to doggie boot camp, and now she is an entirely different, infinitely more manageable dog. It’s fantastic.

3. At the end of June, I got laid off from Splore. My boss, the Program Director, had quit a few weeks earlier and in response to that Splore reworked his position a little in preparation for the new Program Director, and in doing so, they basically eliminated my job. So that was a blast. Getting laid off sucks, and I still haven’t found another job almost 2 months later.

4. When I got to Moab, we planted a garden, and after about 6 weeks of fearing for its life, it exploded. We have 2 25-lbs watermelons and have 2 or 3 more on the way; have picked probably 30 cucumbers and turned them into 18 jars of homemade pickles; our tomato crop is exploding and if all our yellow tomatoes turn red, let alone if all our green ones do, we are going to have about 100 tomatoes; we have 2 okra plants that are basically trees; we have A PEACH TREE! that is hours away from producing its first ripe peach… I could go on and on, but you get the jist.

5. Moab has been fun but I am ready to move back to the Front Range where I belong and can potentially get a job that is supposed to last longer than 6 months. However, we have a lease here until mid-December, so unless I find a fantastic, high-paying, would-relocate-overnight-if-I-had-to type of job between now and then, I am going to keep looking for some random hourly job to pay the bills and stick it out.

So, really, that’s about it. Now that I’m unemployed, I spent a LOT of time just chillin with my dog, walking around Moab, pinning things on Pinterest (don’t click that link… your life will never be the same…), and trying to come up with creative ways to turn pounds of fresh produce into something other than a salad…

But stay tuned, because on Monday I am starting an 8-week muscle building diet/exercise program and I am going to blog about it here!


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