25 Before 25

So today is my 24th birthday, and in the past couple of weeks I have been working on a list. Once in high school, a teacher and mentor I greatly respected told us that if we ever wanted to accomplish a big goal, we should tell as many people as possible about it, for accountability not only from them, but because it would make it more real to you, too. So, in the spirit of that recommendation:

25 Things I Want to Accomplish Before I Turn 25.

1. Find a full time job in the marketing or non-profit field

2. Become a certified yoga instructor (I currently can barely touch my toes)

3. Fill a journal (This will require not losing said journal)

4. Read 25 new books (so, re-reading the Harry Potter series 4 times doesn’t count)

5. Be able to do 25 pull-ups (Brandon tried to talk me down to 10 on this one, for some ludicrous reason I am convinced I can do 25 even though I’ve never even been able to come close to doing ONE)

6. Run a marathon and live to tell about it

7. Spend 5 nights in the backcountry

8. Learn to cook 2 authentic ethnic dishes

9. Take one season of ballet classes

10. Stop eating dairy! (For the love. Once I turn 25 it will be 10 years since I found out I was lactose intolerant, but I still eat mac & cheese with the conviction of a prisoner’s last meal…)

11. Lead a trad climb

12. Call each member of my immediate family (+grandparents) at least once a week

13. Take 1 semester of Spanish classes, or equivalent

14. Take 1 semester of web design classes, or equivalent

15. a) Visit Glacier National Park

b) Visit Yosemite National Park

c) Visit Sand Dunes National Park

16. Ski a black and live to tell about it

17. Cast an informed vote in the 2012 presidential election

18. Sew an article of clothing that I will actually wear

19. Learn to apply and wear makeup

20. Learn to crochet

21. Watch 25 new movies (This is going to be a pretty hard one, actually, because as a general rule I can’t sit through movies)

22. Go to 2 museums

23. Summit 3 14ers

24. TBD throughout the year

25. Stick to this list

So there you have it, I guess. Today for my birthday Brandon bought me new running shoes for #6, and I already have one day of skiing under my belt this season in pursuit of #16. This is going to be a big project. What do you guys think? Is this reasonable? Too ambitious? Have you ever tried any of these things? What should I put for #24? Anyone want to run a marathon circa October 2012 with me…?

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  1. Peter

     /  26 November, 2010

    You can do it Claire. I believe in you! Minus #10, you fart-aholic.

  2. For #6: start running now. Most marathons are in the spring/summer. I started running in May of 2009 able to complete about 2 miles (left over from high school track) and by November I felt ready for 13.1 miles. I didn’t follow a specific training plan, just the outline of how much mileage you are supposed to do a week. It’s a huge commitment especially on top of a real life, I was a full time student with almost a full time job. I as dedicating about 1 1/2+ hours a day to running once I got over 6miles (mostly cause I’m slow and 6 miles takes me about an hour). On Saturdays I’d give myself 2-3 hours for a long distance run. Be realistic about your marathon training and best thing i can say is if you commit, commit. I think it’s an amazing idea. My life goal (well by 50) is to run the Boston Marathon. So I’m all for it girl, it’s an ambitious list for a year, but if you run every day (well maybe a rest day or two) the marathon can be done!

    Oh and something that helped me was actually registering for the race I wanted to do and paying the money for it.


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