25 Before 25: Update 1

ImageSome photos of things I’ve been excited about lately: Top Left: A perfectly peeled Clementine. Top Right: Some very glittery and jingley hoiday decor from my current 2-week long job including decorating hardcore for corporate holiday parties. Bottom Left: My FIRST EVER Pumpkin Spice Latte. Bottom Right: A sunset during a run around Sloan’s Lake.

(Also, this updateis in absolutely no order, so if you are trying to refer to the original list while reading this it’s not really going to help… Sorry.)

People. Finding jobs is hard. Doing yoga is hard when you can’t touch your toes, and trying to run barefoot-style (note that I did not say actually barefoot because it is winter, people – but you can still run barefoot-style with minimalist shoes on) is also hard.

However, my real marathon training started today, which is kind of a joke because Mondays are off-days so really I started today with a big nap when I got home from work. It counts.

I’ve been doing pretty good calling my family, but not great. It’s a harder habit to get into than I thought it would be.

I SAW a ballet, so that is one step closer to taking a ballet class, I guess. It did make me feel very motivated. Those people are intense.

I have eaten, if anything, more dairy in the last few weeks than I had eaten before. Maybe my 24th year will be the banner year for all-time highs of dairy consumption so that by the time I’m 25 I will be ready to give it up.

I’ve watched a few new movies, including: Crazy Stupid Love, Kung Fu Panda 2, and an ENTIRE 3 HOURS of some CU Senior Film Major Thesis thing that we sort of accidentally went to. Most of the films were OK, 1 or 2 (including the one we originally went to see about river guides, before we were informed – aka when we walked into the room – that this was an entire showing) were great, but the rest were really horrible. So even though most of them were only 10-15 minutes long, I’m counting all of them. So, that’s like 10.

I have not ready any new books, but for Christmas I am going to wrap all my books that I own but haven’t read yet, and then unwrap them throughout the next few months so it will be a surprise as to which one I get to read next! Yay giving free presents to yourself!

All other issues have yet to be visited. But it’s only December 19th, so I still have some time, I hope. Something tells me that this is going to be one of those things where in October and November I’m scrambling to go to a bunch of museums and learn to cook a bunch of things. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. Or I guess maybe let’s hope I even make it that far.

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