Workin Girl

So remember when I used to complain all the time about being unemployed? Well, turns out being employed is everything it’s cracked up to be – meaning the 5 o’clock countdown begins every morning at 8, my lunch break is savored to the last minute, and the weekend can’t come soon enough. And while my dad and everyone else who thinks that complaining about your job on the interwebs will immediately get you fired, I don’t really see this as complaining. It’s a fact. If anyone (except maybe Jack Donaghy) had the option of going out for a hike or sitting at a desk, which one do you think they would pick?

Having the trapped-in-a-fishbowl feeling was pretty inevitable seeing as I’ve spent the last 2 years traveling, rafting, skiing, and generally being only marginally employed. And my “real” job is actually pretty interesting. I get to figure out how to make legal software – not the world’s most exciting thing – appear super interesting to law firms and lawyers – not the world’s most excitable crowd. I am working on our social media presence, which is surprisingly interesting, and I also have a hilarious Charlie Brown-esque office mate who, in a nutshell, is too busy preparing for the apocalypse to learn to play the guitar.

Oh, and this is my view. Not too shabby.


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