25 Before 25: Update 3



It’s been almost 4 months since the original inception of my list, and I have to say that I have really started to regard it as more of a Bucket List than a To-Do List. I am starting to realize that the concept of getting a job AND traveling to 3 National Parks while learning Spanish and taking ballet is a little exhausting. That being said, here is the full list again, revised, commented, and generally updated. I hope you enjoy.

1. Find a full time job in the marketing or non-profit field – CHECK! WOOHOO!

2. Become a certified yoga instructor (I currently can barely touch my toes) – I have decided that becoming a yoga instructor is more of a decision you make when you are ready to take your yoga practice to that level, not something that you necessarily can make happen on a deadline. Whether or not I’ve decided this because I have done barely any yoga since I turned 24 is up for debate.

3. Fill a journal (This will require not losing said journal) – I have almost filled a legal pad with to-do lists, does that count?

4. Read 25 new books (so, re-reading the Harry Potter series 4 times doesn’t count) – Hunger Games trilogy, Born to Run… wait, is that really it?

5. Be able to do 25 pull-ups (Brandon tried to talk me down to 10 on this one, for some ludicrous reason I am convinced I can do 25 even though I’ve never even been able to come close to doing ONE) – Let’s just go ahead and delete this one…

6. Run a marathon and live to tell about it – Training! I’m on track to run a half marathon (or equivalent distance on my own for free) on June 9th, then have a half marathon I’m signed up for in August, and my marathon is in late October! This one is totally happening.

7. Spend 5 nights in the backcountry – I have a 3-night backpacking trip planned for late August, and I’m sure I can figure out a way to get 2 more nights in. I’m pretty confident this one will happen, too.

8. Learn to cook 2 authentic ethnic dishes – Still working on this one. The flan was a pretty big hit, until I remembered that I only live with one other person and eating an entire pan of not-quite-perfect flan is a big feat, so 1/3 of the flan just sat in the fridge and got sorta moldy…

9. Take one season of ballet classes – This one might have to be turned into one season of ballet OR 1 semester of Spanish (#13) OR 1 semester of web design (#14)

10. Stop eating dairy! (For the love. Once I turn 25 it will be 10 years since I found out I was lactose intolerant, but I still eat mac & cheese with the conviction of a prisoner’s last meal…) – I had goat cheese in my lunch! Victory (today).

11. Lead a trad climb – Working on this one. It isn’t climbing season yet so my excuses are plentiful and somewhat valid here.

12. Call each member of my immediate family (+grandparents) at least once a week – WHY IS THIS ONE SO HARD. That’s it, I’m calling them all. Today. Yes. I am.

13. Take 1 semester of Spanish classes, or equivalent – See #9

14. Take 1 semester of web design classes, or equivalent – See #13

15. a) Visit Glacier National Park

b) Visit Yosemite National Park

c) Visit Sand Dunes National Park  – I bet I will get to one of these, probably Sand Dunes. I would LOVE to get to Yosemite, but now I have a job where they care if you leave for weeks at a time… pish posh.

16. Ski a black and live to tell about it – Um, remember when I said “I’ve already skied one day this season” in November? That was the ONLY day I skied this season. FAIL. So let’s change this one to: Ski at least 10x NEXT season. Ok?

17. Cast an informed vote in the 2012 presidential election – I can do this one I think.

18. Sew an article of clothing that I will actually wear – My sewing machine broke while I was trying to make a purse. Sad. But I still have big plans for this goal. Like the obvious and inevitable opening of my own clothing line once I figure out what a “bobbin” does.

19. Learn to apply and wear makeup  – Why was this a goal? I think my new goal should be, Be OK with not wearing makeup in a makeup-saturated world.

20. Learn to crochet  – I’m officially changing this one to “Learn to Knit” – similar, but I think knitting is ultimately a little more versatile

21. Watch 25 new movies (This is going to be a pretty hard one, actually, because as a general rule I can’t sit through movies) – Since my last update, I’ve seen Midnight in Paris, 50/50, and watched UP a few extra times. And the HUNGER GAMES comes out this weekend, so, there’s THAT.

22. Go to 2 museums  – I went to the zoo, does that count?

23. Summit 3 14ers  – Summer. It’s happening.

24. TBD throughout the year  – Still TBD

25. Stick to this list  – HA. See #s 1-24.

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